Making of Knockers
Premiere, 3dsMax, After Effects
A quick look at the CGIs of the horror-comedy "Knockers", written and directed by Arnaud Mangin. When sitcom characters must fight horror movies monsters 80's. Like every saturday evening, Lisa and Friends want to get out. But something behind the door wants to get in...
Making of TĂȘte de Noeud
After Effects
A quick look at my VFX work on the short comedy "TĂȘte de Noeud", written and directed by Arnaud Mangin, starring Nicky Naude.
Making of Revolution
Premiere, 3dsMax, After Effects
The making of "Revolution", written and directed by Joffrey Schmitt. After a series of vicious attacks, a terrorist group anti reality TV ends surrounded by the police in a TV studio. Stranded and looking for an out, they are unaware that the police is releasing a top secret weapon designed to eliminate them